50th Birthday Plans

Tomorrow marks half a century that I have been upon this Middle Earth, and as I often do I’ve decided to make it a Hobbit-themed birthday. What makes it even more special this year, however, is that Bilbo Baggins was also fifty years old when he set out on his unexpected journey, as was hisContinue reading “50th Birthday Plans”

Dreaming Stones: Second Sight… — France & Vincent

We had returned to the stones of Callanish for a second attempt at getting the feel of a place of which we had a little knowledge but no real understanding. Facts are not enough, you have to walk the land before you can begin to know it. We knew, for example, that there are astronomical […]Continue reading “Dreaming Stones: Second Sight… — France & Vincent”

Beer Battered Fish and Chips Recipe

This is one of my favourite dishes, which no pub worthy of the name would be caught dead without. I strongly recommend using a deep fryer for this, but you can still get pretty decent results with a quart of oil in a large pot as described below (although results may vary). Enjoy! Makes 4Continue reading “Beer Battered Fish and Chips Recipe”

Simple Beer Batter Recipe

This can be used for Beer Battered Onion Rings, Fish and Chips, Mushrooms, Jalapeño Poppers, etc. You don’t even need any special equipment, just a bowl and a measuring cup. A whisk would also be handy, but I just use a fork. Makes 2 cups Ingredients: 1 cup all-purpose flour 1 egg, beaten 1 teaspoonContinue reading “Simple Beer Batter Recipe”

Worldbuilding for Fantasy Writers and Gamemasters, Part XI

“DARK AGE” BRITAIN After an unsuccessful attempt by Julius Caesar to conquer “Britannia”, later to be known as Britain or the British Isles, it was the Roman Emperor Claudius who finished what his ambitious predecessor started. By 87 A.D., well after the death of Claudius himself, Britain was fully part of the Roman Empire. ButContinue reading “Worldbuilding for Fantasy Writers and Gamemasters, Part XI”

Dreaming Stones: Invisibility and Other Weirdness… — France & Vincent

Just beyond the standing stones of Callanish is a small hillock of boulders and green earth. It was here we sat, partly to contemplate the enormity of the site before us… a place we had both long wanted to visit and thought we might never see… but also to await the departure of the latest […]Continue reading “Dreaming Stones: Invisibility and Other Weirdness… — France & Vincent”

Medieval Monday: The Labors of August — Allison D. Reid

The most crucial labor in August was harvesting and threshing the rye and winter wheat, which would have to sustain the community through many months to come. August 1st began the feast of Lammas, when the first grain of the new harvest was consecrated and made into bread for the Eucharist. There would be more […]Continue reading “Medieval Monday: The Labors of August — Allison D. Reid”

Dreaming Stones: First Sight… — France & Vincent

“Oh good grief…” “I can see it…” The distant silhouette of the great stones of Callanish were unmistakeably outlined on the horizon. In spite of all the challenges, including fully-booked ferries, deflating tyres, a distinct lack of beds, food and coffee, we had made it… and made a dream come true. And, as if to […]Continue reading “Dreaming Stones: First Sight… — France & Vincent”

Oxford University Is Older Than The Aztec Empire — Reality Decoded

Aztec Empire 1428-1521 Oxford University 1096-current The Aztec people flourished in central Mexico from 1300 to 1521. The Aztec empire was a confederation of three city-states established in 1427 — Tenochtitlán, Texcoco, and Tlacopan. The Aztec civilization began with the founding of Tenochtitlán in 1325. The Aztec built some pyramids but most were built by […]Continue reading “Oxford University Is Older Than The Aztec Empire — Reality Decoded”