Beer Battered Fish and Chips Recipe

[image description: fish and chips prepared with beer batter. I, LoopZilla, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons]

This is one of my favourite dishes, which no pub worthy of the name would be caught dead without. I strongly recommend using a deep fryer for this, but you can still get pretty decent results with a quart of oil in a large pot as described below (although results may vary).


Makes 4 servings


Four large potatoes
2 cups of my Simple Beer Batter
2 lbs cod fillets


  1. Cut the potatoes into strips (not too thin though; think steak fries, not French fries). You can peel the taters first, but I like to leave the skins on.
  2. Preheat the oil in the pot (or fryer). Get it nice and hot, but don’t overdo it. If your smoke alarm goes off, you’ve gone too far.
  3. Fry the chips until they’re soft and golden. Then if you want you can drain them on paper towels to get rid of some of the grease.
  4. Dredge the pieces of cod one at a time in the batter until they’re coated evenly. Then place them in the hot oil and fry until they’re golden brown. You can drain these on paper towels afterwards as well, if you feel so inclined.
  5. At this point in time you can also put the chips back into the oil and fry them a bit longer until they reach your desired crispness.
  6. Serve with tartar sauce, lemon wedges, ketchup and/or malt vinegar.

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