Tolkien Week

[image description: colour photograph of author j. r. r. tolkien in profile, outdoors in daytime, dressed for cold weather, smiling and smoking a pipe of tobacco (Public Domain)]

Every September 22nd, fans of J. R. R. Tolkien celebrate Hobbit Day, because that was the calendar day given by the author for the celebration of both Bilbo’s and Frodo’s birthdays, and also because The Hobbit was published the day before on September 21st. The week that contains Hobbit Day is known as Tolkien Week, and it’s a time to celebrate the Professor’s legacy. This year, Hobbit Day is this Wednesday, and even though I already gave myself a Hobbit themed 50th birthday feast at the end of last month (and let’s face it, continuing well into the beginning of this one), I’m already planning another one for this week!

[image description: meme featuring a still of merry and pippin from peter jackson’s the lord of the rings, in the scene from the fellowship of the ring in which pippin asks strider about second breakfast. the meme caption reads: “we’ve had one, yes. but what about second birthday?” (Fair Use)]

Since I promised to report on my meat pies and I’ll be making them again for Hobbit Day, I’ll leave that for a separate post, as it involves some trial and error in the adjustment of someone’s else’s recipe, which I’ll also link to in that entry. I’ve also found a couple of really good how-to videos for slightly more ambitious meat pie projects which I’ll include as well, though I won’t be able to give those a go until I’m able to obtain some of the key ingredients which have been scarce or completely unavailable due to the pandemic.

This is also the perfect time to revive my annual tradition of re-reading The Lord of the Rings, which I let lapse for the past few years for various reasons that I won’t get into, and I’ll most likely also re-watch both The Hobbit Trilogy and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy of films as well. Hopefully this time around I’ll also be able to squeeze in Bakshi’s animated film in addition to those, as it’s been ages since I’ve seen that in its entirety.

Anyway, while most if not all of my posts and reblogs this week will be related to Tolkien, I’ll continue working on the next installment of my worldbuilding series which will hopefully be ready for publication by the beginning of next week. Thanks for sticking around, and happy Tolkien Week!

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