Middle-earth Ambience

I know, I know, not only is Tolkien Week over, so is Second Tolkien Week. But the fact is that I was delayed, kept from blogging all the things I had originally intended to, by the unwelcome intrusion of Real Life™. So now here I am, still blogging all the Tolkien things. Huzzah!

Speaking of unwelcome intrusions, we can’t always prevent them, but there is one type that we might have a modicum of control over, and that is unwelcome thoughts. One of the greatest healing properties that fantasy has to offer is its ability to facilitate a much-needed escape from all the intrusions and demands of the mundane world, as well as our own intrusive thoughts and unreasonable demands upon ourselves.

So if ever I’m feeling overwhelmed, either with the cares and burdens of today, or the fears and anxieties over what tomorrow may hold, I often turn to a fantasy book. This time around it happens to be The Lord of the Rings (and what a perfect season for it). I’m not sure how many times I’ve read it since that first time when I was around fifteen years old, but it never fails to delight and comfort me, and draw me into the wonderful magical world that Tolkien created, known as Middle-earth.

Now, whenever I read a book I like to make myself as comfy as possible, ideally in an overstuffed chair by the fireplace, with a pipe of tobacco and a glass of wine or sherry at hand, and (as is often the case) a bout of that curious condition known in modern parlance as “CatLap“. But even in the absence of all of these accoutrements, nowadays we are (most of us) fortunate enough to be able to enjoy a good read, or meditation, or simple relaxation accompanied by daydreaming or reminiscing, with some ambience courtesy of our computers or other such infernal devices. So in this post I’m going to recommend my favourite Middle-earth ambience YouTube videos (so far). Let’s start with one of the most obvious locations one might want to retreat to from the vicissitudes of life: a cozy hobbit hole in The Shire. After all, adventures make one late for dinner!

Lord of the Rings Hobbit Hole Ambience – The Shire, Peaceful Evening in Bag End

And for those who prefer to sit out on their porch, enjoying the cool night air and the occasional music of a light rain and some distant windchimes:

Hobbit Village Ambience – Night Time At The Shire

For the more adventurous sort, there’s always one of my favourite watering holes, The Prancing Pony, east of the Shire in the village of Bree, with some nice cozy hobbit-sized accommodations. But take care–there’s talk of strange folk abroad:

Prancing Pony Inn – Lord of the rings Ambience Village of Bree – Rain & Thunderstorm

Or perhaps you’d prefer to have this fellow do nothing but stare at you since you arrived:

Lord of the Rings Prancing Pony Ambience

Wes hal, friends!

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