Beneath the Voiceless Trees

[image description: Forest in Kuopio, Finland. Okko Pyykkö, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons. ]

When elves awoke in days of eld
The world was wrapped in twilight
And first of all their eyes beheld
The beauty of the starlight

For they had risen long before
Both moon and sun, and walked alone
And heard upon the shimmering shore
The song of water over stone.

And though they searched both near and far
Through lonely groves and silent leas
And over hill and under star
Beneath the voiceless trees

They found no other like themselves
And thus as orphans cruelly tossed
Into the wilderness, the elves
Were wayward and they wandered lost.

For only they could speak, and there
Was no one else to guide them;
Yet e’er the trees stood tall and fair
And glistening beside them.

And so they taught the trees their speech
That they might never be alone;
Rowan, oak, birch, ash, elm, beech
They each had voices of their own–

And in the singing wood they walked
Their lilting laughter ringing clear–
But softly through the forests stalked
The shadow of a nameless fear…

© 2003 by Strider Lee

Published by striderlee

Dungeon Master, homebrewer, foodie, bibliophile, and fantasy author. He/Him

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