Beneath the Voiceless Trees, Part II

This seems hardly worth an entry but when I posted my unfinished poem Beneath the Voiceless Trees I didn’t recall that a few years after I’d written it I’d actually added five more verses. As often happens, I came across them the other day quite by accident, while searching for something else. Of course, theContinue reading “Beneath the Voiceless Trees, Part II”

Wishing Well: An Original Fairy Tale

Today is National Tell a Fairy Tale Day, and I’ll be celebrating it by tweeting about some of my favourite fairy tales, but I also can’t resist this opportunity to share one of my own original fairy tales with you, Beloved Reader, so here’s one I wrote several years ago with the intention of self-publishingContinue reading “Wishing Well: An Original Fairy Tale”

Forbidden Memories

Forbidden memoriesHoarfrost of my soulEvoking melodiesThat rise up from a heart Which is not whole What is this emptinessWhy does it persistI see your silhouetteIt dances through the mistA frenzied pirouetteI clench my fist There is nothing left for meBut thisThe kiss of destinyYour kissForbidding memoryOf what will never beA heaven forever Witholding bliss ThoseContinue reading “Forbidden Memories”

Medieval Monday: The Green Valley in February — Allison D. Reid

Today’s post is actually a video that I really think you’re going to enjoy! It’s half an hour long, but well worth the time to watch! A small group of historians and archaeologists restored and brought back to life an abandoned village in Wales, re-creating over an entire year what life was like in the […]Continue reading “Medieval Monday: The Green Valley in February — Allison D. Reid”