Fear the Fearless

Those who rule through fear,

fear the fearless

Who, broken on wheels that break

bones, but will never break vows

Sing out the song that is a battle cry

Resounding to the furthest reaches

Of the human imagination, we soar

On wings woven for us by some

Reckless Daedalus

out of a tapestry of dreams.

And we know

the taste of freedom–it is

the taste of blood.

There is no death so bittersweet

As that which comes unjustly

To the just because they would not bow

to injustice–

there is your soul;

You are clutching it now;

Though you may not not know it

It is a pearl beyond price–

Lest you cast it before swine

Heed now this precious moment;

this alone is yours, and the choice

of what you will do with it.

Choose not to bow, not to succumb

Nor to let others determine

the course of your destiny.

This is the love the tyrants fear

Trembling upon their thrones;

This is the music of freedom, this

And its simple refrain–

Those who rule through fear:

Fear the fearless.

© 2001 by Strider Lee
YouTube Playlist: Protest Songs in Response to Military Aggression

Published by striderlee

Dungeon Master, homebrewer, foodie, bibliophile, and fantasy author. He/Him

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