The Crimes of the Nation Are Your Crimes, Too

[image description: Pilate washes his hands.*oil on panel.*83,8 x 106 cm.*ca 1626. Jan Lievens, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons]

The crimes of the nation are your crimes, too

The sins of the fathers they hand down to you

The blood that you wash from your hands leaves a stain

As large and as lasting as all that you gain

From wrongs that continue to this very day

And you’re guilty as hell for still looking away.

© 1998 by Strider Lee

Published by striderlee

Dungeon Master, homebrewer, foodie, bibliophile, and fantasy author. He/Him

One thought on “The Crimes of the Nation Are Your Crimes, Too

  1. This brings to mind the situation with the indigenous people of Canada. Their land was expropriated and their children abused in residential schools. Fortunately a reconciliation process is underway and a lot is being done to repair the damage that was done.

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