Camp NaNoWriMo Achievement Unlocked: Night Owl Status Restored!

[image description: screencap of one of’s “when i write” infographics, featuring a wide-eyed staring blue and purple cartoon owl perched on a bare branch, against a yellow full moon with clouds scudding across it. the text under the artwork reads: “hoot hoot, you’re a night owl! you write the most between 11:00PM and 12:00AM!” image copyright (fair use).]

I take it back,! I’m not sure if you fixed the problem or if it fixed itself, but this time all it took was two more updates between 10PM and midnight over the past two days to get rid of that hideous mid-day flamingo and replace it with the more sensible, refined character of the night owl, and all is right with the world. Something told me when I was writing that piece that your site would promptly make a liar of me, but I was having too much fun to stop. Now if only I could say the same for my progress with regards to my Camp NaNo project! Just look at these pathetic stats:

[image description: screencap of nanowrimo infographic displaying the following stats: 3969/50000 total words. 289/2206 words needed today. 5 days in a row. under that is a list of progress updates next to a graph titled “overall progress” showing visually how woefully far behind i am. image copyright (fair use).]
[image description: a second screencap displays the same “when i write” night owl infographic as before with a graph next to it titled “my daily word count”. underneath that is a picture of a house in the “where i write” section with text under it which reads: “you’ve written mostly at home!” next to that is the “my average word count” infographic which says “on average, you write 360 words per day!” and next to that the “when i’ll finish” infographic says “at this rate you’ll be done on november 16, 2022!” image copyright (fair use).]

But that’s neither here nor there. I intend to sally forth even though as I’d forewarned at the outset my chances of writing 50,000 words in a month for a work of non-fiction are pretty much nil. Which may well make you wonder why I didn’t choose a more realistic final wordcount as a goal, but the answer to that is simple… I forgot that I could, and in my haste to begin the project on the first day of the month I neglected to re-read the rules, instead electing to rely upon my memory–which I find of late is never a good idea.

So how about you? Anyone else doing Camp NaNo this month? Tell me of your progress (or lack thereof) in the comments!

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