Tales from the Green Valley

Earlier this month I reblogged Christian Fantasy author Alison D. Reid‘s “Medieval Monday – The Labors of September” which, like many of her “Labors of the Months” posts, featured a timely episode of an excellent documentary series called Tales from the Green Valley, which I might never have known about if not for her blog.Continue reading “Tales from the Green Valley”

Black As Midnight On a Moonless Night: A Coffee Lover’s Manifesto

One of the most nostalgic 80’s songs and music videos for me is Squeeze’s “Black Coffee in Bed”, but it doesn’t make me think of the 80’s, because the first time I saw the video and heard the song was in the late 90’s. I had just started college, so the reference to a notebookContinue reading “Black As Midnight On a Moonless Night: A Coffee Lover’s Manifesto”