Medieval Monday: The Labors of June — Allison D. Reid

In the Middle Ages, the arrival of June meant not only a change in the weather, but a shift in daily labors, and in what was on the menu to eat. While most crops were harvested much later in the summer, hay was the first to be cut in June, though it was typically poor […]Continue reading “Medieval Monday: The Labors of June — Allison D. Reid”

Medieval Monday: Making Barrels and Wooden Vessels — Allison D. Reid

Medieval coopers were important craftsmen in the Middle Ages. Many different types of goods were kept in barrels, such as alcohol and salted meats. But barrels were not the only things coopers made. A variety of wooden vessels were needed for daily use by the average person as well as many other medieval craft and […]Continue reading “Medieval Monday: Making Barrels and Wooden Vessels — Allison D. Reid”

Medieval Monday: Battling Against the Shield Wall — Allison D. Reid

Jason looks back at our shield wall experiment day that we filmed in the summer of 2017. We put shieldmaker Luke’s handiwork to the test with a group of twenty brave volunteers, who clashed together in various formations of shield wall. In doing so, we explored some of the events recounted in ancient sagas to […]Continue reading “Medieval Monday: Battling Against the Shield Wall — Allison D. Reid”

Understanding Old English — Nicholas C. Rossis

Geoffrey Chaucer, 1340-1400 How far back in history could you go until you could no longer understand the English language?Stanislava Suplatovich has the answer in Quora. To answer this question, she uses three examples. Here’s the first one: “See ye not yon twa bonny boys,As they play at the ba?The eldest of them is Marischal’s son,And […]Continue reading “Understanding Old English — Nicholas C. Rossis”

The Green Knight Trailer Teases A Darker & Unique Arthurian Tale — KAKUCHOPUREI.COM

David Lowery’s The Green Knight has finally received a new trailer after being delayed for a year since its original 29 May 2020 release date. The movie will now premiere on 30 July 2021. What’s unique about The Green Knight is that Dev Patel’s Sir Gawain will be the main protagonist, distinguishing it from other… TheContinue reading “The Green Knight Trailer Teases A Darker & Unique Arthurian Tale — KAKUCHOPUREI.COM”

Medieval Staples — A Writer’s Perspective

The French attempt to recapture Calais To my immense shame, I have often come across the word ‘staple’ when reading about the Middle Ages and not bothered to find out what it really means. I knew it had something to do with merchants and trade, but I didn’t know the details. Today I’m putting that […]Continue reading “Medieval Staples — A Writer’s Perspective”

Who policed England before it had police?  — Notes from the U.K.

Let’s start in the sixteenth century, when merrie England was still mostly rural and maybe not 100% merrie, since–well, we’ll get to that later. In the meantime, the feudal system was breaking apart and parishes began taking charge of things that the lord of the manor would have done back when feudalism was fully functional […]Continue reading “Who policed England before it had police?  — Notes from the U.K.”

Worldbuilding for Fantasy Writers and Gamemasters, Part Five

FORMS OF GOVERNMENT The next thing you’re going to want to consider is what sort of government (if any) each society that inhabits your fictional world will have and how stable it is. If you take a look inside any typical history book, you will quickly realize that the story it tells is mainly concernedContinue reading “Worldbuilding for Fantasy Writers and Gamemasters, Part Five”

Walking in Circles — France & Vincent

It has been a very busy week, almost entirely without internet access or even a decent phone signal. Much has gone beautifully, some things most definitely not as planned and others have just been a sheer joy. Friday I woke on the moors of Yorkshire after a 400 mile drive, visited my mother in Leeds […]Continue reading “Walking in Circles — France & Vincent”

Medieval Monday: Cooking Methods (Part 2) — Allison D. Reid

Last week my Medieval Monday post talked about cooking methods without the benefits of a modern kitchen. Today is part two of that post. I previously mentioned a type of earth oven which was really just a pit in the ground, primarily used for things like meat, which could be wrapped up and placed directly […]Continue reading “Medieval Monday: Cooking Methods (Part 2) — Allison D. Reid”