The Animated Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings, Part II

Now, as promised, here is my review and analysis of the three animated Tolkien films, Rankin/Bass‘s The Hobbit and The Return of the King, and Bakshi‘s The Lord of the Rings. And since I first watched them all in chronological order, the way they were first shown to me on network television as a child,Continue reading “The Animated Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings, Part II”

The Animated Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings

Here’s something I don’t think I’ve mentioned about myself before: I love animation. I have ever since I was a child, watching Saturday-morning cartoons on network television, and going to see Disney’s Bambi and Dumbo at the movies with my mother. So I’m a huge fan of Netflix’s Castlevania, and I’m eagerly looking forward toContinue reading “The Animated Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings”

Second Tolkien Week

Well, Tolkien Week is officially over, but that doesn’t mean that this celebration of the Professor’s masterpieces and the derivative works which sprang therefrom must necessarily end. In fact, I had so much fun last week that I’ve decided to extend my celebrations into this one, just as every film of both trilogies was dulyContinue reading “Second Tolkien Week”

Hobbit Day 2021 (Playlist)

This is a playlist I put together for my Hobbit Day celebrations this year. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have. A magical musical journey through Middle-earth in celebration of #TolkienWeek and #HobbitDay. Follow me on Twitter @StridersTable

Reminiscing About Video Games Based on The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, Vol I

There have been a lot of these, and there may even be one or two I don’t know about, so I’m not going to endeavour to cover them all. Instead I’ll just invite you to add your own in the comments if I left any of your favourites out. But this is a nostalgia postContinue reading “Reminiscing About Video Games Based on The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, Vol I”

Tales from the Green Valley

Earlier this month I reblogged Christian Fantasy author Alison D. Reid‘s “Medieval Monday – The Labors of September” which, like many of her “Labors of the Months” posts, featured a timely episode of an excellent documentary series called Tales from the Green Valley, which I might never have known about if not for her blog.Continue reading “Tales from the Green Valley”

Tolkien Week

Every September 22nd, fans of J. R. R. Tolkien celebrate Hobbit Day, because that was the calendar day given by the author for the celebration of both Bilbo’s and Frodo’s birthdays, and also because The Hobbit was published the day before on September 21st. The week that contains Hobbit Day is known as Tolkien Week,Continue reading “Tolkien Week”

Black As Midnight On a Moonless Night: A Coffee Lover’s Manifesto

One of the most nostalgic 80’s songs and music videos for me is Squeeze’s “Black Coffee in Bed”, but it doesn’t make me think of the 80’s, because the first time I saw the video and heard the song was in the late 90’s. I had just started college, so the reference to a notebookContinue reading “Black As Midnight On a Moonless Night: A Coffee Lover’s Manifesto”

Invested in Critical Role — Bizarre Brunette

The first time I heard Critical Role mentioned was at Gen Con in 2019. The cast of Critical Role was appearing and my friend was thrilled. He had tickets to go and he said it was the highlight of his convention. Earlier this year, I figured I’d watch the first episode on Youtube because why […]Continue reading “Invested in Critical Role — Bizarre Brunette”

Celebrating The Best Black Characters In Video Game History — KAKUCHOPUREI.COM

In case you weren’t aware, this whole of February was Black History Month. With this iconic time coming to a close, let us celebrate and talk about our favourite and iconic black characters in video game history. Barret Wallace (Final Fantasy VII Remake) While the FFVII original version of Barret was fine, the 2020 version… CelebratingContinue reading “Celebrating The Best Black Characters In Video Game History — KAKUCHOPUREI.COM”