Stonehenge’s Builders May Have Feasted on Mince Pies and Sweet Treats — Stonehenge Stone Circle News and Information

Excavations near the iconic English monument revealed traces of fruits and nuts. Excavation work has been led by English Heritage at Durrington Walls, Wiltshire Durrington Walls was inhabited by the builders of Stonehenge in about 2,500 BC Evidence suggests traces of hazelnuts, sloes, apples and other fruits at the site  NEOLITHIC MINCE PIE RECIPE: Download open fire mince […]Continue reading “Stonehenge’s Builders May Have Feasted on Mince Pies and Sweet Treats — Stonehenge Stone Circle News and Information”


If I ever get to visit Germany before I die, it will probably either be for Oktoberfest in München (Munich) or for the Christkindlesmarkt in Nürnberg (Nuremberg). Since it’s nearly Christmas I’ll be talking about the latter in this post. For those who don’t know, the Christkindlesmarkt is a Christmas Market named for the Christkind,Continue reading “Christkindlesmarkt”

Whole Roasted Onions Recipe

This has been one of my favourite simple-yet-delicious recipes ever since my sister discovered it a couple of years ago, and yet I’d almost forgotten about it until I came across this video the other day. The source is a 19th century English cookbook which leaves out a few minor details such as cooking timeContinue reading “Whole Roasted Onions Recipe”

Homemade Cranberry Sauce Recipe — Strider’s Table

Who knew making homemade cranberry sauce was this easy? Why have I been buying the canned stuff all these years? Seriously, the first part of this recipe is just the same as making simple syrup, like you would for mixed drinks, […] Homemade Cranberry Sauce Recipe — Strider’s Table It’s National Eat a Cranberry Day, andContinue reading “Homemade Cranberry Sauce Recipe — Strider’s Table”

Roberta’s Recipes: Pumpkin Pie — Roberta Franklin

As I’ve said before, dear friends, autumn is a wonderful season; it offers lots of special culinary treats, too, and one of the best of them is pumpkin pie – ideal all through October, November and even December, from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas. It does take a bit of time to do, but it’s […]Continue reading “Roberta’s Recipes: Pumpkin Pie — Roberta Franklin”

How To Make Perfect Mashed Potatoes

The secret to making perfect mashed potatoes that are creamy and fluffy without being gooey or gluey is to warm the cream and/or milk before adding them to the potatoes, use room-temperature butter, and to not over-beat the mixture. For this reason, I don’t use an electric mixer. I use an old-fashioned potato masher suchContinue reading “How To Make Perfect Mashed Potatoes”

Classic Potato Salad Recipe

“Potato salad” as defined by Wikipedia, is “a dish made from boiled potatoes and a variety of other ingredients”, but this is a bit misleading. See, the key to making perfectly cooked potatoes for potato salad is not to actually boil them. If you want them to cook evenly straight through you’ve got to simmerContinue reading “Classic Potato Salad Recipe”

Devilled Eggs Recipe

Happy National Devilled* Egg Day! Here’s my recipe for Devilled Eggs, but before you boil those eggs be sure to read my previous post, How to Boil Eggs Perfectly, in order to save yourself a lot of frustration from following what seems to be the prevailing yet sadly incorrect advice for egg boiling these days.Continue reading “Devilled Eggs Recipe”

How to Boil Eggs Perfectly

It’s National Devilled* Egg Day, so I figured I’d share my own recipe for Devilled Eggs, but first I feel it’s necessary to set the record straight about how to boil eggs perfectly, because there are so many sites out there that just keep repeating the same very, very wrong method which results in shellsContinue reading “How to Boil Eggs Perfectly”

Welsh Rarebit Recipe

Apparently today is National Welsh Rarebit Day in the U.S., so I figured what better time to post my favourite recipe for this savoury British dish. I know there are a lot of variations on it out there, many of them probably more authentic, but this is how I’ve done it since I was aContinue reading “Welsh Rarebit Recipe”