Tales from the Green Valley

Earlier this month I reblogged Christian Fantasy author Alison D. Reid‘s “Medieval Monday – The Labors of September” which, like many of her “Labors of the Months” posts, featured a timely episode of an excellent documentary series called Tales from the Green Valley, which I might never have known about if not for her blog.Continue reading “Tales from the Green Valley”

Narrative Telephone: Tales of a Quarantined Nein Ring Circus

If you haven’t watched all of Critical Role‘s pandemic-defying tour de force of ridiculous entertainment known as Narrative Telephone then you are missing out, sweet summer crash panda of the 2020 apocalypse. There are two whole seasons of these shenanigans, appropriately dubbed “Round One” and “Round Two”, and they get more and more extra asContinue reading “Narrative Telephone: Tales of a Quarantined Nein Ring Circus”

Medieval Monday: Battling Against the Shield Wall — Allison D. Reid

Jason looks back at our shield wall experiment day that we filmed in the summer of 2017. We put shieldmaker Luke’s handiwork to the test with a group of twenty brave volunteers, who clashed together in various formations of shield wall. In doing so, we explored some of the events recounted in ancient sagas to […]Continue reading “Medieval Monday: Battling Against the Shield Wall — Allison D. Reid”

Invested in Critical Role — Bizarre Brunette

The first time I heard Critical Role mentioned was at Gen Con in 2019. The cast of Critical Role was appearing and my friend was thrilled. He had tickets to go and he said it was the highlight of his convention. Earlier this year, I figured I’d watch the first episode on Youtube because why […]Continue reading “Invested in Critical Role — Bizarre Brunette”

Lovecraft Country, MLK, and BLM

This Monday we celebrate MLK Day. I was born just a little over three years after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., but I remember my mother, a former civil rights activist, telling me stories about him and why he was so important, since before the age of six. I also recall when,Continue reading “Lovecraft Country, MLK, and BLM”