Medieval Monday: Fire! Fire! — Allison D. Reid

Fire was crucial to survival in the Middle Ages. With electricity and gas-powered devices still far into the future, open flame was the most common source of heat for cooking, industry, and protection against the cold. Fires were a bit more difficult to set in an era before matches, particularly if everything was wet. Fire-steels, […]Continue reading “Medieval Monday: Fire! Fire! — Allison D. Reid”

Medieval Carpenters — A Writer’s Perspective

Bradford on Avon Tithe Barn Exterior We’re back with medieval crafts and trades this week, looking at carpenters. There have always been carpenters. Two thousand years ago, Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus, was a carpenter and there were carpenters two thousand years before him. Their craft remained unchanged for centuries. We know that carpentry […]Continue reading “Medieval Carpenters — A Writer’s Perspective”

Medieval Monday: The Labors of October — Allison D. Reid

There is no doubt now, that fall is here. The weather is getting cooler, and the labors of summer have produced an abundant harvest. It is a time of plenty in the medieval world, albeit a cautious one. The harsh winter months are only just ahead, and what has been so carefully grown and collected […]Continue reading “Medieval Monday: The Labors of October — Allison D. Reid”

Tales from the Green Valley

Earlier this month I reblogged Christian Fantasy author Alison D. Reid‘s “Medieval Monday – The Labors of September” which, like many of her “Labors of the Months” posts, featured a timely episode of an excellent documentary series called Tales from the Green Valley, which I might never have known about if not for her blog.Continue reading “Tales from the Green Valley”

Medieval Monday: The Labors of September — Allison D. Reid

“Now in autumn, in which the fruits of the earth are assembled, is the time of reaping and of the vintage, and it signifies the time of the General Judgment, when every single person will receive the reward for his works.” – Hrabanus Maurus (9th Century Theologian) Summer is nearing its end—can you feel it? […]Continue reading “Medieval Monday: The Labors of September — Allison D. Reid”

Dreaming Stones: Second Sight… — France & Vincent

We had returned to the stones of Callanish for a second attempt at getting the feel of a place of which we had a little knowledge but no real understanding. Facts are not enough, you have to walk the land before you can begin to know it. We knew, for example, that there are astronomical […]Continue reading “Dreaming Stones: Second Sight… — France & Vincent”

Medieval Monday: Making Barrels and Wooden Vessels — Allison D. Reid

Medieval coopers were important craftsmen in the Middle Ages. Many different types of goods were kept in barrels, such as alcohol and salted meats. But barrels were not the only things coopers made. A variety of wooden vessels were needed for daily use by the average person as well as many other medieval craft and […]Continue reading “Medieval Monday: Making Barrels and Wooden Vessels — Allison D. Reid”

Worldbuilding for Fantasy Writers and Gamemasters, Part Nine

TRADERS, PLUNDERERS, AND PIRATES Every fantasy world has its material goods, whether it be everyday items such as food and clothing, or more specialised items such as weapons and armour. The most basic goods will be made from the most basic, readily available materials, such as stone and bone, wood and horn, fur and feather,Continue reading “Worldbuilding for Fantasy Writers and Gamemasters, Part Nine”

Medieval Monday: Battling Against the Shield Wall — Allison D. Reid

Jason looks back at our shield wall experiment day that we filmed in the summer of 2017. We put shieldmaker Luke’s handiwork to the test with a group of twenty brave volunteers, who clashed together in various formations of shield wall. In doing so, we explored some of the events recounted in ancient sagas to […]Continue reading “Medieval Monday: Battling Against the Shield Wall — Allison D. Reid”

Worldbuilding for Fantasy Writers and Gamemasters, Part Seven

THE AGRICULTURAL REVOLUTION AND THE RISE OF CITY-STATES Mesopotamia, the land “Between Rivers”, namely the Tigris and Euphrates in what is now Iraq, is considered the cradle of civilisation. There are a number of factors that made it perfect for the rise of the first known cities and city-states, but it’s important to note thatContinue reading “Worldbuilding for Fantasy Writers and Gamemasters, Part Seven”