A Few of My Favourite Things, Part I

One of the things I love about blogging is that I get to tell perfect strangers all about the things I love. Imagine trying to do that during a long flight, or sitting in the waiting room of the doctor’s office. The difference is that I don’t have a captive audience. This blog is moreContinue reading “A Few of My Favourite Things, Part I”

Narrative Telephone: Tales of a Quarantined Nein Ring Circus

If you haven’t watched all of Critical Role‘s pandemic-defying tour de force of ridiculous entertainment known as Narrative Telephone then you are missing out, sweet summer crash panda of the 2020 apocalypse. There are two whole seasons of these shenanigans, appropriately dubbed “Round One” and “Round Two”, and they get more and more extra asContinue reading “Narrative Telephone: Tales of a Quarantined Nein Ring Circus”

Invested in Critical Role — Bizarre Brunette

The first time I heard Critical Role mentioned was at Gen Con in 2019. The cast of Critical Role was appearing and my friend was thrilled. He had tickets to go and he said it was the highlight of his convention. Earlier this year, I figured I’d watch the first episode on Youtube because why […]Continue reading “Invested in Critical Role — Bizarre Brunette”