Easter With Excalibur

This post includes spoilers for the 1981 film Excalibur. Watching John Boorman’s epic 1981 fantasy film Excalibur has become an Easter tradition in my family, not just because at one point a priest praying for deliverance from the film’s main villain, Morgana, intones the words: “and on this Easter day, when Christ rose from theContinue reading “Easter With Excalibur”

Worldbuilding for Fantasy Writers and Gamemasters, Part XI

“DARK AGE” BRITAIN After an unsuccessful attempt by Julius Caesar to conquer “Britannia”, later to be known as Britain or the British Isles, it was the Roman Emperor Claudius who finished what his ambitious predecessor started. By 87 A.D., well after the death of Claudius himself, Britain was fully part of the Roman Empire. ButContinue reading “Worldbuilding for Fantasy Writers and Gamemasters, Part XI”