Little Finger of Vecna: A Neutral Evil Rogue of Some Question

I can’t imagine that anyone is at all interested in my not-so-original D&D character creations, especially when they only exist in an ancient video game hardly anyone plays anymore, but I do enjoy writing about them, so there’s that. This time around my inspiration comes from Petyr Baelish, a character from HBO’s fantasy series GameContinue reading “Little Finger of Vecna: A Neutral Evil Rogue of Some Question”

Eohild, Shield-maiden of Rohan

Sometimes when I play Neverwinter Nights over again from the beginning, which I do so often it’s become a running joke in my household, I create a character I love so well that I want to share them with the world. This is one of those times, and one of those characters, even though she’sContinue reading “Eohild, Shield-maiden of Rohan”