Reindeer Nomads | Shelter & Farming | Chukotka, Siberia — Edge of Humanity Magazine

Travel Photographer Holger Hoffmann and Travel Writer Sylvia Furrer are the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributors of this documentary photography.  From the project  ‘Stormy Nights in the Yaranga’.  To see Holger and Sylvia’s body of work, click on any photograph.         In the winter, the days are short in Chukotka, and […] ReindeerContinue reading “Reindeer Nomads | Shelter & Farming | Chukotka, Siberia — Edge of Humanity Magazine”

Walking in Circles — France & Vincent

It has been a very busy week, almost entirely without internet access or even a decent phone signal. Much has gone beautifully, some things most definitely not as planned and others have just been a sheer joy. Friday I woke on the moors of Yorkshire after a 400 mile drive, visited my mother in Leeds […]Continue reading “Walking in Circles — France & Vincent”