Dreaming Stones: Second Sight… — France & Vincent

We had returned to the stones of Callanish for a second attempt at getting the feel of a place of which we had a little knowledge but no real understanding. Facts are not enough, you have to walk the land before you can begin to know it. We knew, for example, that there are astronomical […]Continue reading “Dreaming Stones: Second Sight… — France & Vincent”

Dreaming Stones: Invisibility and Other Weirdness… — France & Vincent

Just beyond the standing stones of Callanish is a small hillock of boulders and green earth. It was here we sat, partly to contemplate the enormity of the site before us… a place we had both long wanted to visit and thought we might never see… but also to await the departure of the latest […]Continue reading “Dreaming Stones: Invisibility and Other Weirdness… — France & Vincent”

Dreaming Stones: First Sight… — France & Vincent

“Oh good grief…” “I can see it…” The distant silhouette of the great stones of Callanish were unmistakeably outlined on the horizon. In spite of all the challenges, including fully-booked ferries, deflating tyres, a distinct lack of beds, food and coffee, we had made it… and made a dream come true. And, as if to […]Continue reading “Dreaming Stones: First Sight… — France & Vincent”