Though here we stand/In darkest night

I dreamt earlier this morning that I was writing these lyrics to music, to be sung by a choir. Though it was a simple tune, I couldn’t remember it upon waking, but I started jotting down as many of the words as I could recall as soon as I woke up, and I think IContinue reading “Though here we stand/In darkest night”

Best Laid Schemes

The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ MenGang aft agley ~Robert Burns, “To a Mouse” Once there was a mouseWho had the rule of the house‘Til the house’s owner got a cat,And that was the end of that. And so the mouse hid in his holeAnd didn’t see another soulFor almost twenty daysAs he studiedContinue reading “Best Laid Schemes”

The Crimes of the Nation Are Your Crimes, Too

The crimes of the nation are your crimes, too The sins of the fathers they hand down to you The blood that you wash from your hands leaves a stain As large and as lasting as all that you gain From wrongs that continue to this very day And you’re guilty as hell for stillContinue reading “The Crimes of the Nation Are Your Crimes, Too”

Fear the Fearless

Those who rule through fear, fear the fearless Who, broken on wheels that break bones, but will never break vows Sing out the song that is a battle cry Resounding to the furthest reaches Of the human imagination, we soar On wings woven for us by some Reckless Daedalus out of a tapestry of dreams.Continue reading “Fear the Fearless”

Beneath the Voiceless Trees, Part II

This seems hardly worth an entry but when I posted my unfinished poem Beneath the Voiceless Trees I didn’t recall that a few years after I’d written it I’d actually added five more verses. As often happens, I came across them the other day quite by accident, while searching for something else. Of course, theContinue reading “Beneath the Voiceless Trees, Part II”

Forbidden Memories

Forbidden memoriesHoarfrost of my soulEvoking melodiesThat rise up from a heart Which is not whole What is this emptinessWhy does it persistI see your silhouetteIt dances through the mistA frenzied pirouetteI clench my fist There is nothing left for meBut thisThe kiss of destinyYour kissForbidding memoryOf what will never beA heaven forever Witholding bliss ThoseContinue reading “Forbidden Memories”

Beneath the Voiceless Trees

When elves awoke in days of eldThe world was wrapped in twilightAnd first of all their eyes beheldThe beauty of the starlight For they had risen long beforeBoth moon and sun, and walked aloneAnd heard upon the shimmering shoreThe song of water over stone. And though they searched both near and farThrough lonely groves andContinue reading “Beneath the Voiceless Trees”

[Review] Tales From The Perilous Realm by J. R. R. Tolkien, illustrated by Alan Lee — Impressions In Ink

Publisher and Publication Date: Mariner, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. 2021. Genre: Fantasy fiction. Poetry. Middle-earth. Pages: 432. Format: Paperback. Source: Self-purchase. Audience: Tolkien and Middle-earth readers. Rating: Excellent. Link @ Amazon For further reading:Tolkien Estate Tolkien’s legendarium-Wikipedia The book is organized in this order:Introduction by Tom Shippey. Roverandom was first published in 1998. Farmer Giles of […]Continue reading “[Review] Tales From The Perilous Realm by J. R. R. Tolkien, illustrated by Alan Lee — Impressions In Ink”