Narrative Telephone: Tales of a Quarantined Nein Ring Circus

If you haven’t watched all of Critical Role‘s pandemic-defying tour de force of ridiculous entertainment known as Narrative Telephone then you are missing out, sweet summer crash panda of the 2020 apocalypse. There are two whole seasons of these shenanigans, appropriately dubbed “Round One” and “Round Two”, and they get more and more extra asContinue reading “Narrative Telephone: Tales of a Quarantined Nein Ring Circus”

NaNoWriMo: Day 10

Yesterday wasn’t such a good day in terms of National Novel Writing Month, or even just my writing in general. Earlier in the day I had to wait down by my driveway for my no-contact deliveries for over an hour, and then when they finally came I had to haul all those groceries up theContinue reading “NaNoWriMo: Day 10”

My Weird Sleep Pattern

Since quarantine began and I stopped working 9 – 5, my sleep pattern has been really weird. Inconsistent. I used to have trouble sleeping at night, and for years when I was working from home back in the early 2000’s I slipped, naturally it would seem, into a vampire-like but stable sleep pattern in whichContinue reading “My Weird Sleep Pattern”