Worldbuilding for Fantasy Writers and Gamemasters, Part Nine

TRADERS, PLUNDERERS, AND PIRATES Every fantasy world has its material goods, whether it be everyday items such as food and clothing, or more specialised items such as weapons and armour. The most basic goods will be made from the most basic, readily available materials, such as stone and bone, wood and horn, fur and feather,Continue reading “Worldbuilding for Fantasy Writers and Gamemasters, Part Nine”

Medieval Staples — A Writer’s Perspective

The French attempt to recapture Calais To my immense shame, I have often come across the word ‘staple’ when reading about the Middle Ages and not bothered to find out what it really means. I knew it had something to do with merchants and trade, but I didn’t know the details. Today I’m putting that […]Continue reading “Medieval Staples — A Writer’s Perspective”